Problem of Japanese School Lunch

Most of Japanese public elementary and middle school provide school lunch for their students.  There are variety of menus and high nutritional valued. However, 40% of students don’t eat everything.  The reason is the taste of school lunch.


Students whose school has a kitchen  have a high complete meal rate.  But their school doesn’t have a kitchen, they need to be delivered their lunch from the Lunch center.  When the students eat the lunch, it is already cold.  These schools’ students usually left their lunch.  

A teacher said “They are hungry during the afternoon class. So they usually lack of concentration in the class.  I am worried about their health, because they are in the growth period.  They need to take a lot of nutrients than adults.”

News Reporter
 学生時代は英語が一番の苦手教科だったにも関わらず、とある出来事がきっかけとなり言語の魅力に取り憑かれる。  現在は、子供から大人まで言語の指導にあたりつつ、自身も5カ国語を学ぶ日々を過ごす。