13 years old students don’t believe Santa Claus exists.

One research shows that 78 percent of 13 years old students don’t believe the Santa Claus. A student says that he saw his parents put a present on his bed when he was 9, but he is not able to tell the thing to his parents. Other students also have the same experience. However, most of students have never seen the Santa Claus or their parents put a present on their bed. So, they cannot get the conclusion that there is no Santa Claus.

 Almost 20 percent of students still believe the Santa Claus. One student said “I believe the Santa Clause exists. I don’t know why most of students don’t believe him.” Other student said “I don’t care, Santa Claus is fantasy or not. Anyway, I can receive the present.”

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 学生時代は英語が一番の苦手教科だったにも関わらず、とある出来事がきっかけとなり言語の魅力に取り憑かれる。  現在は、子供から大人まで言語の指導にあたりつつ、自身も5カ国語を学ぶ日々を過ごす。