Do you need a lot of things?

Which is better life, minimal or maximum?

Most of developed countries people used to buy a lot of things.  For example house, car, furniture, electrical device and so on.  However, recent young people are not same as their parents. They have a enough money to buy a lot of things but don’t want to buy too much things. One of them don’t want to have any things they are called Minimalist.

A minimalist man who lives in Tokyo have only few things in his room.  His room has only two things a bed and a desk.  Surprisingly, he only has three shirts , two pants and three sox, shorts and a suits case in his closet. He said “ I used to have a lot of things. There were too much things in my room,  but I appeared that I usually use few things in my daily life, most of my these are not used more than a year. So, I started to put them away. Now, I can move anywhere soon when I want to change my room.”

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 学生時代は英語が一番の苦手教科だったにも関わらず、とある出来事がきっかけとなり言語の魅力に取り憑かれる。  現在は、子供から大人まで言語の指導にあたりつつ、自身も5カ国語を学ぶ日々を過ごす。